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Multi-National Clothing Retailer – Polished Concrete Installation

Retailer Polished Concrete Project

Brief Description

A multi-national clothing retailer contacted Quest in regards to a flooring refurbishment project within one of their stores. They were specifically looking for an industrial aesthetic, but also a surface that was easy to clean, low maintenance and hard wearing as the flooring had to ensure the safety of the customers and employees working in the store.


After listening to the clients’ requirements and comments, Quest suggested grinding and polishing the already existing concrete surface within the store. This was considered by the client and after some discussion, it was approved, as it closely matched the flooring aesthetic of some of the clients’ other stores.

After approval, Quest quickly acquired the relevant machinery to site to carry out the work required to create the desired floor with minimal disruption to the daily operations with the premises; using both the grinding equipment and polishing machines Quest own in-house.

While the whole refurbishment programme was taking place, Quest provided both day and night shifts in order to help accelerate the work of the main contractor, who were completing other tasks within the store in tandem with the flooring work being carried out.

Overall, the chosen polished concrete finish was successfully created within the agreed project timescales. In addition, the standard of the work carried out was so high that the retailer client has returned to Quest to request tender for the same work on their other stores throughout the UK.

Pictures Below…

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Case Study – Office Fit Out

Concrete Topping Project – Office Fit Out

Brief Description

An office fit out contractor contacted Quest in regards to a flooring project that involved installing a concrete topping onto several different areas within an office premises – this included one flight of stairs, seven lift lobbies/landings and adjacent corridors; totalling 130m2 of flooring.

The client wanted a surface that was easy to clean and low maintenance but also non-slip as the flooring had to ensure the safety of the employees and visitors to the building. After listening to the clients’ requirements, Quest made the decision that a concrete topping was the most viable option and a tender for the works was provided as appropriate.


Quest were awarded the contract shortly after the tender was provided and a programme was set out in order to properly timetable the work to be carried out. Quest were given 2.5 weeks on the site from the start of the project in order to complete the job. Before arrival, Quest carried out preparations to get all the materials at the correct time as the site was incredibly busy throughout the entire project.

The materials arrived on time and were batched for the entire job. This included the necessary equipment needed for the substrates preparation, which was all carried out by Quest within the time period detailed in the programme.

Despite challenging conditions and a very busy site environment, Quest completed the project in only 2 weeks and handed over the installation ½ a week ahead in line with the main contractors programme and to the end users satisfaction.

Pictures Below…

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