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Case Study – Office Fit Out

Concrete Topping Project – Office Fit Out

Brief Description

An office fit out contractor contacted Quest in regards to a flooring project that involved installing a concrete topping onto several different areas within an office premises – this included one flight of stairs, seven lift lobbies/landings and adjacent corridors; totalling 130m2 of flooring.

The client wanted a surface that was easy to clean and low maintenance but also non-slip as the flooring had to ensure the safety of the employees and visitors to the building. After listening to the clients’ requirements, Quest made the decision that a concrete topping was the most viable option and a tender for the works was provided as appropriate.


Quest were awarded the contract shortly after the tender was provided and a programme was set out in order to properly timetable the work to be carried out. Quest were given 2.5 weeks on the site from the start of the project in order to complete the job. Before arrival, Quest carried out preparations to get all the materials at the correct time as the site was incredibly busy throughout the entire project.

The materials arrived on time and were batched for the entire job. This included the necessary equipment needed for the substrates preparation, which was all carried out by Quest within the time period detailed in the programme.

Despite challenging conditions and a very busy site environment, Quest completed the project in only 2 weeks and handed over the installation ½ a week ahead in line with the main contractors programme and to the end users satisfaction.

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High Performance Industrial Solutions – Part Three

High Performance Industrial Solutions – Part Three



The conclusive choice between the two solutions is simple in that it depends on a few key factors. Overall, the two systems fulfil similar purposes but vary in where they are best used. If the environment requires a durable, cost effective and easy to maintain surface without the need for particularly high aesthetics then a polished concrete system might be best. However, if the facility is more concerned with high performance even in extreme circumstances without compromising on the decorative nature of the floor it may be wise to invest in a concrete topping.

Making the correct choice is paramount in an industrial setting as the demands the floor will be relied upon to withstand are sometimes punishing. Getting it right, however, will maximize the facilities ability to operate more efficiently while increasing life cycle expectancy; therefore saving time and money in the long term.

High Performance Industrial Solutions – Part Two

High Performance Industrial Solutions – Part Two



The other possible solution when it comes to the specification of a concrete flooring system is the use of high spec concrete toppings. These systems can achieve thickness of up to 15mm and has compressive strength far superior to normal concrete. This strength would be especially effective in an environment where heavy automated machinery is used but is equally effective at dealing with the high levels of traffic created in a busy industrial environment.

Overall, concrete toppings are hard wearing, seamless and require less maintenance than other systems that fulfil a similar purpose, such as cementitious toppings or standard concrete slabs. The system can also be customised and adapted in a variety of ways through the addition of other aggregates and composite chippings to create a consistent but interesting surface matrix. In even the most extreme circumstances, it has the ability to create a high aesthetic while still remaining cost effective and highly durable.


More in Part Three…